Saturday, December 31, 2011

reading challenges

I am gonna do the support your local library challenge. Basically I am gonna check out and read 40 books in the next year.

1. Before I Fall
2. Shiver
3. City of Bones
4. City of Ashes
5. City of Glass
6. Linger
7. The Graveyard Book
8. The Trickster, Harold Bloom
9. I am Number Four
10. Tudors
11. If I Stay
12. Dead in the Family
13. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
14. Practical Magic
15. Lost Encylcopedia
16. Chloe Doe
17. A Room on Lorelie Street
18. For Keeps
19. Jerk, California
20. Flipped
21. Just Like That
22. I am the Messenger
23. Claiming Georgia Tate
24. Breathless
25. After
26. Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs
27. Out of the Dust
28. One Mississippi
29. Ophelia
30. 50 Books That Changed the World
31. Impossible
32. Hold Still
33. Dream Factory
34. Brutal
35. The Orange Houses
36. Burn
37. The Forest of Hands and Teeth
38. Bonechiller
39. Something Borrowed
40. Thirteen Reasons Why

Reached my goal by May 15th!!

41. The Red Pyramid
42. Dead Reckoning
43. Backseat Saints
44. The City of Fallen Angels
45. The Summer I Turned Pretty
46. The Dead-Tossed Waves
47. Where She Went
48. Between Shades of Grey
49. Bruiser
50. Its Not Summer Without You
51. Bumped
52. Abandon
53. Jane
54. Story of Beautiful Girl
55. Unwind
56. The Throne of Fire
57. The Knife of Never Letting Go
58. The Ask and the Answer
59. The Carrie Diaries
60. Looking for Alaska
61. Scott Pilgrim 4
62. Scott Pilgrim 6
63. Will Grayson Will Grayson
64. Goodnight Tweetheart
65. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
66. Bossypants
67. Forever
68. Anna and the French Kiss
69. The lover's Dictionary (how fitting that it is #69)
70. Nick and Norah's Playlist
71. Across the Universe
72. Beauty Queens
73. Elsewhere
74. The Day Before
75. Birthmarked
76. Luxe
77. Birthmarked
78. Lockdown
79. The Second Summer of the Traveling Pants
80. Life as We Knew It
81. Unearthly
82. Solitary
83. The Film Book: A Complete Guide to the World of Cinema
84. Angel After the Fall Volume 1
85. Angel After the Fall Volume 2
86. Angel After the Fall Volume 3
87. Angel After the Fall Volume 4
88. Divergent
89. The Lying Games
90. The Walking Dead Book 1
91. The Mindset Lists of American History
92. Sisters Red
93. Summer in the City
94. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
95. Perfect Chemistry
96. Rules of Attraction
97. Split
98. Girls in Pants, The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
99. The Walking Dead, Book Two
100. The Walking Dead, Book Three
101. Forever in Blue, The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood

Books read... in December

1. Crash Into Me 3/5
Didn't feel any connection with the book and found it really predictable.

2. Crossed 5/5
Definitely a great addition to the series. I loved how Ky and Cassia are each on a journey together, but are going in opposite directions. I wish there had been more about Xander. I feel like Cassia is leaning more towards Xander at the moment, which is something that I like (not a Ky fan). Ready for the next one!

3. Split 5/5
Loved this. It started a bit slow, but really really picked up. Jace was an amazingly interesting character. His brother was a little annoying. Great storyline, and a pretty good ending.

4. Girls in Pants, The Third Summer of the Sisterhood 4/5
Great addition to the series. I did have a problem with the fact that the characters haven't really changed much from the second book. I felt that the action was very slow until the end, and everything was a bit predictable. But sometimes predictability is nice. Can't wait to read the last 2!

5. The Walking Dead Book Two 4/5
Great addition to the series. I loved the drama in this one and the way the characters are evolving and changing (or in some cases devolving). The crazy action was pretty intense. I felt like some one died every few pages and they probably did. The writing was good, but sometimes the characters get a bit "speechy" where they are making these huge statements that last forever and doesn't sound like natural conversation. I also had a bit of a problem with the artwork. I feel like it is getting harder to separate some of the characters. Most of the male characters looked very alike. Of course now there are so few left that it is getting a bit easier. And everybody killing themselves? Seriously. They find a pretty decent place to live and people want to kill themselves? Over somebody cheating or just because? Really?! Very strange behavior.
Book three should definitely be interesting and (SPOILER) I think by now we all know that Lori's baby is definitely Shane's. I mean come on!

6. The Walking Dead Book Three 5/5
Great collection again! This story takes a weird turn this time. A few people find another colony set up but find that it is not what they hoped it would be. Lots of crazy crazy shiz goes down. This book was definitely more graphic than the ones before it. Lots of more mature plot lines. I think the showdown between Michonne and the Gov went a bit too far and I was actually really grossed out. Glad to see some action about to happen at the end. We can expect a showdown coming soon, with plenty of death and such. Ready for Lori to have Shane's baby, cause hasn't she been pregnant long enough? And very excited about Glenn and Maggie.
Book four? Please come in soon!

7. Forever in Blue, The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood 4/5
Ok so this one was better than the third one to me. All the characters went through such a transformation. Carmen lost herself, Lena grew up, Tibby pulled back into herself, and Bee finally learned her lesson. In the end, the loss of something very important to them brought them back together. Very good book and I am hoping the last one is just as good.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Books read... in November

1. Angel After the Fall Volume 3 4/5
Lots of battles. Lots of talking and strategies. Lots of changing the plans at the last minute. Lots of unclear stuff. But beautiful artwork. And the Illryia and Spike thing was awesome too. I think the relationship between Spike and Illryia/Fred is really underrated and not used enough. It always seem to focus on Wesley and Fred, but Spike was important to her too and their memories together were used to save everyone in this volume.

2. Angel After the Fall Volume 4 4/5
I loved the ending to this! It was a good ending for this season. Everything is "back to normal" except that everyone remembers what it was like in the Hell dimension of LA. Would be really interesting to see what happens if there is another season. By the way.... I love Spike.

3. Divergent 5/5
Got to say, I loved this one. Good writing and twists. People turned out to be different than I thought (Tris' parents, Caleb, Al, Four), while some were pretty much what they seemed (Peter, Eric, Jeanine).
Tris started out pretty annoying but after she choose her faction, I feel like she changed and her behavior became more normal. But Four! Oh my goodness Four was amazing. I can just picture him in my mind. And yes the whole sex talk between Four and Tris was weird and not at all realistic but still. Four was so charming, and confusing, and just oozing sexy.
Excited for the next one, and I cannot wait to see what will happen to Tris, and Four, and all the others left.

4. The Lying Games 3/5
My one main concern about this book is the switching povs. I feel like Sutton and Emma's switching every few paragraphs was confusing. Unlike the show (which I started before I read the book), Sutton is dead at the beginning of the story. Emma is "tricked" into taking over Sutton's life while trying to find out how Sutton was killed and by whom.
Ethan wasnt as good in the book as he is in the show (LOVE him in the show). Emma is about the same but Sutton is definitely different. The Lying Games is explained a lot more than in the show. It is basically some pretty serious "pranks" where they almost kill each other and try to scare each other to death. Fake guns, strangling. Weird stuff.
Pretty good start, ready for book 2.

5. Cinder 4/5
I received an ARC copy of this from netgalley and I could not wait to start it. I have read a lot of hype about it and I have to say it was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed the story and how it was similar to the Cinderella but unique as well. My main complaint is the lack of information about the world it is set in. We don't know much about the world or the state it is in or how it got that way. So more background info would be nice, but maybe that is going to be in the next book.

6. The Walking Dead Book 1 5/5
Loved it! The artwork leaves a little to be desired since all the characters look the same but other than that it was pretty good. So different from the show! Different characters, and some characters who don't even make it through the book that are still on the show. I love how the book and show are different because that way you can not guess what is going to happen next. They are each their own stories.

7. The Mindset Lists of American History 2/5
Not my favorite. Not what I thought it was going to be actually. The list were good, but the chapters following the lists were very dry and boring. Could hardly make it through the book.

8. Sisters Red 4/5
Pretty interesting retelling of the story of little red riding hood. Scarlett and Rosie were both kind of annoying characters at times. Very indecisive and a wee bit whiny too. Silas wasnt the best guy character in the story. It seems he just moved from one sister to another because he could. And why did Rosie like him, why did he like her? The "Suprise" was a little predictable, and I had it figured out early on, but still. Not very suprising ending, but not a horrible read either. Looking forward to the next in this fairy tale retelling series.

9. Summer in the City 4/5
The second story of teenage Carrie Bradshaw. This time she is in New York for the first time. A good addition to the story and I loved that there was an introduction to two of the main four. The conversations between some of the characters were really horrible at times, and Carrie is about as clueless as she can be. She must learn a lot and grow a lot in the next few years if she is going to become the Carrie from the show. I think the characters names are a little crazy too. I mean Capote? Really. Even people in the south aren't that mean. Overall a good addition to the series and I am excited about what is going to happen in next book after that ending.

10. Daughter of Smoke and Bone 5/5
So I pretty much loved this! I even grew to like Karou's name by the end. Karou is a pretty great character, she is strong, stubborn, funny, and incredibly smart. Yeah she was dumb about Kaz but still. My only problem was with the last 100 pages or so. No mention of the people around her like her friends and Kaz. She just forgot about them and left. I am sure we will see them in the next 2 books at some point.
I was confused about Karou and Akiva's relationship at first, kind of a why are they together and why do they love each other. But it is explained by the end.
I am worried about Brimstone and the crew.
Excited for the next book!

11. Hallowed 5/5
I really liked this one. I received the ARC copy from netgalley and I was so excited. But now I just have to wait longer to get the 3rd one. But anyway..
So Clara "failed" her purpose and now we are going to find out what happens. Or do we? Yeah we kinda do and kinda don't.
Tucker is still amazing.
Christian is still mysterious.
Read this when it comes out!

12. Perfect Chemistry 4/5
Ok so I was pretty sure I was going to hate this after the first few pages but I decided to keep going before judging it. The girl's name is Brittany, ok? Like how lame. Can that be more stereotypical. Yes her name is Brittany, she is the perfect girl, the diva, and the most popular girl in the school. Gag me with a spoon.
But Alex was also the stereotypical bad boy, in a gang, with tattoos and a motorcycle. So I was pleasantly suprised that about 100 pages in I started to like it. I liked that Brittany had a sister with a disability and that is what affected her home life so much. And that Alex was in a gang to protect his family. So this book did have some good suprises. I did not enjoy the epilogue so much. Because I know in the 3rd book they get married, so I would have rather seen an epilogue dealing with all 3 Fuentes brothers and their futures.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Books read... in October!

My favorite month of the year!

1. Birthmarked 4/5
I really enjoyed this book. It started a little slow which is typical for a dystopian book. You have to learn alot about the world that the book takes place in. The world is set like 300 years in the future, and the world has gotten a lot hotter. Lakes have dried up and water is scarce outside of the wall. The privileged live in the Enclave while the poorer people live outside the wall. It is a hard life outside the wall in the town of Wharfton. Gaia has lived outside the wall her entire life, dreaming about what it would have been like to grow up in the Enclave. She works as a midwife with her mother, and has started advancing babies as well. Three babies born each month are advanced, meaning taken from the mother and given to the Enclave. They are then adopted and allowed to grow up with the rich. It is thought of as a service to the Enclave to have a baby advanced. Gaia sees no problem with this until her world is flipped upside down when her parents are arrested.
A good story, with a great character and a great love interest, which I always find as a plus. Gaia is flawed, both physically and otherwise, which makes her more easy to relate to.

2. Lockdown 4/5
I really did not know what this book was going to be about when I got it from the library. I noticed it on a lot of lists on Goodreads so I just added it to my hold list. And I really honestly liked it. The way the book was set up was nice. Shorter type chapters to mark your progress always makes a book go by faster to me. The main character Alex was very believable. He was generally honest and you as the reader got to watch him go through this prison life and watch him change in ways while still trying to remain the same. The book has a horrible ending because I just need to know what is going to happen next. Such a cliffhanger ending. And Donovan. I loved him and I need to know that they are going to be able to save him somehow. Not sure yet. Ready for the second in the series for sure.

3.The Second Summer of the Sisterhood 3/5
I figured since I read the first one I should read the whole series. So I picked up the second one and started on it. I felt like the more I read, the bigger the book got. I never seemed to be making any progress. The first book seemed to be mostly about love. Lena meet Kostos, Carmen started to accept her new family (course she is the angriest person in a book ever), Bee fell in love at soccer camp (then gave it away and fell out of love), and Tibby meet Bailey (then proceeded to lose her to cancer). The second book was all about anger and sadness and being angry at your parents. Tibby is sad about Bailey and angry at her mom for some reason. Causing a big blowout and disappointment all around. Lena broke it off with Kostos but still wants him like crazy. Fights with her mom about every little thing. Kostos drama, followed by more moping. Bee finds new family, the happiest story in the book which is kinda sad, and gets back to her old self. Then meets a boy from her past. Yada yada. Carmen acts like a serious bitch to her mom. Jealousy all over the place. Always angry. Hopefully the 3rd book with be better.

4. Mercury 4/5
Graphic novel that I picked up from BAM in the clearance section for 4 dollars. Very good actually. It follows two stories between two girls. One lived in the 1800s and the other in present time. Two love stories, one happy and the other sad. Very interesting to see how the two stories affect each other. Good quick read. Great artwork.

5. Life as We Knew It 4/5
Very good book! I loved the idea, something I haven't seen before. An asteroid hits the moon and knocks it off its course. This causes catastrophic repercussions. Huge tsunamis, volcanoe eruptions, and earthquakes. The main character is Miranda, and we are reading about this event through her journal. We get to witness all her feelings about what has happened, what will happen, and the people around her. This is not necessarily a happy story. Quite a few people die and there isn't a concrete ending. But definitely enjoyable.

6. Unearthly 4/5
This book was definitely a suprise for me. I have read the Mortal Instruments series and I pretty much hated them in the end. But this book I loved. Its similar to Mortal Instruments being that it is about angels and half blooded angels and that their is a love triangle. That is where the similarities ends. This book was incredibly well written compared to other "Angel" type books. The main character did not seem as conflicted and annoying and was sure of what she wanted most of the time. The book succeeded at being humorous, and witty, but serious when it needs to be.
Clara (horrible horrible name) moves to a new school after having the first visions of her purpose as an Angel. Things do not go as planned (obviously) when she moves with her family. See for yourself when you read this book. Impatiently waiting for the next book.

7. We'll Always Have Summer 4/5
Finally! I got to read the third book. Been on my library hold list forever.
Ok so let me just say Jeremiah was always my favorite of the Fisher boys. Conrad was whiny and jerky. So I was happy to see that Belly was dating Jeremiah in the beginning. But I hated that Han had him cheat on her within the first few chapters. That is not something that his character would do. But they got over it, just competely dropped it. Kinda weird.
Overall I liked this book. It was a good ending to the story and I was glad to know that Belly ended up waiting and was alone without the Fisher boys for a while.

8. The Dark and Hollow Places 4/5
I honestly wasn't expecting to like this one. I knew it was going to be from Annah's pov which I wasn't sure that I would like. So I was hesitant to read this one. Also its been awhile since I read the first 2 books. I love that Ryan allowed the reader to follow three different pov's and three different but cohesive, overlapping stories. The writing was as good as it has always been. The one thing that I felt was missing for me was likeability. I didn't really like Annah. She seemed so whiny, about her looks, about Elias, about leaving Abigail/Gabry, about Catcher, and about her lifestyle. I understand that the world is crappy with all the Unconsecrated zombies going around, people dying, Elias left her, and she left her sister, but still. I still love the series and I am glad that it has left off with everyone together. Elias was with Abigail/Gabry, Annah was with Catcher. I do wish we could have flashed forward a little in the end to see how they were doing a few years down the road. But overall good. Glad to have finally finished the series.

9. The Son of Neptune 4/5

10. Solitary 4/5
Incredibly good, especially since my expectation were kind of low. I knew this book was going to take place in the "hole" so I was wondered as to what the book would actually be about.
We get to see a different side of Alex which I loved, and Zee became a bigger character since Donovan and Toby were gone. Met some new characters like Simon, Pete, and Ozzie. And we finally learned the fate of Donovan, poor guy.
Good read and ready for the next one!

11. The Film Book: A Complete Guide to the World of Cinema 4/5
Very informative. I saw this in the new section of my library and decided to pick it up. While I did not read every single word of this book, I feel that it has a lot of great information. It starts by detailing the history of film, a decade at a time. Lots of details without feeling bogged down. After the history, Bergan goes into deeper explaination of how a film is made, starting with pre-production all the way through to interviews by the actors after the film is out.
Bergan also explores the different genres, foreign film, and the top 100 movies. While I may not agree with the top 100 movies, I do like that there is a lot of diversity in his list.
There is also an a-z list of directors, some big names and some I have never heard before.
This book has many different lists of movies and I have now added quite a few to my netflix to watch. Good read overall, very helpful.

12. Angel After the Fall Volume 1 3/5
Not my favorite. I was unsure of what was going on since it has been a while since I've seen Angel and the finale. So it took a while to get into since I was so confused. Lots of action. Great images. Love love love Spike!

13. Angel After the Fall Volume 2 5/5
I loved this one a lot more than the first volume. The seperate issues about different characters was amazing. Just awesome. Lots of backstory as to how people ended up where they are now after the season finale.

Friday, September 30, 2011

books read in.... September

1. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist 3/5
Not my favorite. I kinda liked the movie better. Lots of extra stuff not seen in the movie, but I didn't really enjoy all the deep thoughts by all the characters.

2. Across the Universe 4/5
I really liked this book. It had a good storyline and I loved all the twists in the end about the ship and Elder. I actually felt bad for Amy which is good since that is obvisiously what the author wanted. My main problem is that the book did not really explain why Godspeed left Earth. Was there a huge war that was threatening the population, disease, alien invasion? That would have been good info to add. Maybe it will come up in the next 2 books. The "villians" were very clear from the beginning of the book. Obviously Orion was not normal and more than meets the eye, and Eldest was never a good guy. But my one big problem was the conversations. Some of them did not sound like what normal people would say. Still a good book and I'll definitely read the other 2 when they come out.

3. Beauty Queens 3/5
Incredibly sarcastic which I loved , it got a little annoying after a while. Slow start for me, but the middle picked up. I think there were too many storylines going on at one time which made it hard to keep track of everybody. It almost seemed like Bray wanted to put every stereotype and plot idea in there, which was a bit much. But overally I enjoyed it. Would I reccommend it? Not really, but if you have the time and want to read an overexaggerated story then go right ahead.

4. Elsewhere 3/5
This is another dead girl book. It follows Liz through her afterlife, after being runover while riding her bike. She dies and travels to Elsewhere which is essentially Heaven. There people age backwards until they are babies again and must travel back to Earth and be reborn. Overall a pretty good story. A bit whiny, but still.

5. The Day Before 5/5
I loved this book. Seriously. Amber meets Cade while on the beach and they spend a crazy good day together. This is their "last" day of freedom and they spend it growing close. Its a sweet story, but I probably would have liked it more if it was an actual novel instead of in short verse.

6. Luxe 2/5
Not so good. Very long and way to many details about the surroundings. I love to be able to visualize and everything, but the details literally got in the way of the story. A little confusing in the beginning with all the different characters with similar names. Predictable ending, especially since the beginning starts with one of the characters death. Not very interesting and do not know if I will read the sequels

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

books read in.... August

1. Will Grayson Will Grayson 2.5/5
A little to preachy for me. Lots of talking but not really about much. Two guys named Will Grayson meet in an unconventional way and their lifes are similar and connected, blah blah blah. Seriously. I feel like the book is mostll about gay guys since all but like three guys in are the book are gay. Just too much nonsense and talking talking talking.

2. Goodnight Tweetheart 4.5/5
It was weird reading a book that had so much modern stuff in it. Like twitter and Glee. Definitely not what I am used to reading about. But I loved the story and how the two main people got to know each other. Plus Mark is a Braves fan and our heroine loves Buffy. How amazing.

3. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 5/5
Really liked this. The rotating narratives worked well and allowed the reader to connect with each girl. Very good, ready to the next one.

4. Bossypants 5/5
Hilarious! Seriously a great book. Easy and quick. Love love love!

5. Forever 4/5
Not my favorite of the series. But maybe because it's been so long since i've read the other two books. Anyway. Conclusion stories are never my favorite in a series. I did not feel that the ending gave the reader any satisfaction. Everything was to open ended.

6. Anna and the French Kiss 5/5
Sincerely loved this book. All the missed chances. All the times where they should have, would have, could have... but didnt. Great story and loved the writing.

7. The Lover's Dictionary 5/5
Read this in like two hours. Very quick read. I loved how the story didn't follow a time line but instead matched the words which were of course in alphabetical order. My favorite part was the repeating parts that reveal a little bit more.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

books read in.... July

1. Scott Pilgrim pt1 5/5
Very good. Loved that there was more background info about some of the people in the book.

2. Scott Pilgrim pt2 5/5
Very good second book. Followed what I knew about SP while adding some good new stuff.

3. Vampire Diaries: The Struggle 4/5
Not the best series ever, but a quick read. Easy to follow and at times kinda ridiculous.

4. The New World 5/5
Great short story. Read this because it goes along with the chaos walking series I was about to start. Got to learn alot of backstory about one of the characters, Viola. Made understanding Viola easier. Great addition to the series, I am sure.

5. The Knife of Never Letting Go 5/5
Crazy title, but a really great book. It started out a little slow for me, but picked up after a while. Got very interesting after Todd met Viola. And poor Manchee seriously made me cry. Looking forward to the other two books in the series.

6. The Carrie Diaries 4/5
Good book! I loved the insight into Carrie's teen years. And the story was a little predictable at times, but overall really good. Loved how it ended!

7. The Ask and the Answer 5/5
Great middle book, especially since middle books are typically the worst in the series. I love actually getting Viola's pov and following their seperate paths. Todd took a very unexpected turn in this book and I was a little sad about it. But I loved the growth of Davy's character and I actually felt awful how his story turned out. That was just sad. And the ending left me very worried for the third book.

8. Looking for Alaska 4/5
I like this book but at times it gets really ridiculous. The main character was a bit annoying, especially when he explains how much better he is than everything else.

9. Scott Pilgrim pt3 5/5
I loved the third book. Very good addition to the series

10. Scott Pilgrim pt4 5/5
Fourth book pretty much meet my expectations of being awesome.

11. Scott Pilgrim pt5 4/5
My main problem with the fifth book is Ramona and Scott's relationship. They really struggled and over tiny stuff. And the glowing? Why?

12. Scott Pilgrim pt6 4/5
Good ending to the series but I dont think it really explained anything. Why was Gideon the way he was? Why Ramona? Why did her head glow? Why did anyone's head glow? Did Ramona and Scott end up together and happy? So many questions that didnt get answered.

13. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: The Last Gleaming 3/5
I really wanted to like this one. Spike was back and anyone who knows me, knows that I love Spike. Like seriously love him. When he is good or when he is bad, I love love love Spike. So I kinda hated that he was such a minor part of this book collection and that Buffy did not jump his bones like she should have. And Giles?!?!? Why???? He was my sexy british father figure for Buffy. Stupid Angel. To be honest, I did not understand much of this book. Maybe its been to long since I've read them, but I was so confused and felt like everything was just made up to fit the wandering and confusing story.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Books read... in June

1. Between Shades of Grey 5/5
Really really amazing story about a different side of WW2 that isnt seen very much. Very different concentration camp, and a whole new type of cruelty. Great read.

2. Jane (by April Lindner) 2/5
Worst book ever. Seriously not good. Horrible dialogue and horrible characters. No growth for any of the characters and none of the situations made any sense. Really horrible

3. Bruiser 5/5
Loved it. Great characters and a really great plotline. Brewster's "gift" was definitely not expected and I really felt bad for him. People kept using him whether they knew it or not.

4. It's Not Summer Without You 4/5
Good sequel. Now I just need the third one, which I already know I'm not going to like as much.

5.Bumped 3/5
Not the best. Good twist but weird plotline

6. Abandon 4/5
Great book, but one major problem. Why do the main characters love each other? Seriously.

7. Story of Beautiful Girl 4/5
Long book that took me a while to read, but worth the time. Different plotline and love the different perspectives.

8. Unwind 5/5
Great book. Reminded me of Hunger games a bit. Very confusing at first since some terminology wasnt explained immediately.

9. Throne of Fire 4/5
Part 2 of the Kane Chronicles by the Percy Jackson guy. Good second book, but so long. seriously.

10. Room 4/5

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Bumped is about the USA in the not so distant future, where a virus has made everyone over the age of 18 infertile. Kinda plausible.

Since no one over 18 can have children, teenage girls are getting pregnant and giving away their babies for a profit to older couples.

Melody is the girl that first started the getting pregnant for a profit, and she is one of the last girls that isnt pregnant. Her life is going great, until she finds out she has a twin sister.

When her sister shows up at Melody's house, things take a turn for the worst. Identity is mistaken, people are betrayed, lies are shared, and two sisters learn how complex the other one is.

Did not have high hopes for this one. I think it glamorized teen pregnancy to be completely honest and that is something we dont need anymore of. But it did have a few interesting twists and it was a quick read. Overall its probably 3/5

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

Great book! This is the first book I have read by Shusterman, and I have heard many things about him. And this book definitely lived up to what I had heard.

The book starts off with Bronte and Tennyson (love their names by the way!) arguing about who Bronte wants to date. Typical brother, sister stuff. Bronte is dating Brewster, often known as Bruiser because of his size and the many bruises and cuts that cover his body. Brewster is a loner at Bronte and Tennyson's school, until Bronte starts talking to him.

Tennyson sets about to ruin Bronte and Brewster's relationship before it even starts, but after following him home one day, Tenny notices something different about Brew.

As Bronte and Tennyson get closer to Brewster, they notice that he different than they originally thought, and try to unravel his mysterious home life.

Over the course of the book, the reader gets to watch as all three characters grow and change and affect each others lives. Great book about growth and realizing not everyone is what you think they are. Definitely recommend to anyone.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

books read.... in May!

1. Forest of Hands and Teeth 4/5
I really liked this book. Its a zombie story!! How cool. But it was a bit repetitive with the whole "ocean" thing. And I didnt really get why Mary was in love with Travis. But still pretty good.

2. Bonechiller 4/5
Good story. Moves quickly. Had a few questions at the end that were never answered.

3. Twitterature 3.5/5
Good stuff. Alot of books I havent read so I skipped those. But I loved the ones for books I had read.

4. Something Borrowed 3.5/5
Read because the movie came out and I also try to read the book first. It was pretty good, considering my low expectations. I can relate to the Rachel/Darcy dynamic. Little long but with a happy ending.

5. Thirteen Reasons Why 4/5
Quick read and good plotline. Got a little tedious at times with the two narrators. But still pretty good.

6. The Red Pyramid 4/5
Good, but way to long. Not as familiar with the Egyptian myths as I am the greek and roman ones, but still good. Liked the Percy Jackson series better, but will keep reading the series

7. Dead Reckoning 3/5
Not as bad as some of the others, but still stupid. Way to many storylines at one time.

8. Backseat Saints 4/5
I did not like the ending but then again, I'm not the author. Good read though.

9. The City of Fallen Angels 3/5
Didnt really like this one. The ending was incredibly stupid too. I'm assuming there will be another one in the near future

10. The Summer I Turned Pretty 4.5/5
Good book, very quick read. Didn't like who she ended up with though, and I wish there had been more information in the end about the other people in the story like Susannah and Jeremiah.

11. The Dead-Tossed Waves 4.5/5
So ready for the next one. I may have liked the first one better but this one was great too. I'm still a little confused about why she cares so much for Elias, kind of like how Mary cared for Travis in the first one. But oh well. Need the third one now.

12. What Happened to Goodbye 3.5/5
Good book, but not my favorite by Dessen. That being said, I still like it and would probably read it again, and my opinion might change then. Not enough of a relationship with Dave and Mclean. I really wanted them to build a definitive relationship.

13. Where She Went 3.5/5
I loved the first book, and I liked this book. The ending was a bit predictable. And some the middle was a bit to whiny for my taste. But still good and would reccommend reading both.

14. The Truth About Forever 5/5
My favorite Dessen book. I absolutely love Macy and Wes. They are a fun relationship, that grows as they slowly learn about each other. Love Love Love

Saturday, April 30, 2011

books read.... in April!

1. One Mississippi 4/5
Really good book, but it took me like a week to read. Good story a little predictable with Tim though, but still really good.

2. Ophelia 4/5
I really liked this book. It started pretty slow, but once Ophelia moved into the castle things sped up. A few things felt rushed and unlikely, but then again it is based off a Shakespeare play. Ending worked pretty well too.

3. Books That Changed the World 5/5
Pretty good. Got some good ideas about books I want to read. Great background information about the book, the times they reflect, and the authors. Showed how the books affected the writing community and others.

4. Impossible 3/5
This book was good and really bad at the same time. The premise is good, and the plot would be amazing but the dialogue was horrible. The things that the characters, especially Lucy, said were just so stupid and incredibly unrealistic. Predictable at times though, but with a few surprises.

5. Prom 4/5
Not my favorite by LHA. But still pretty good.

6. Hunger Games 20 million/5
Amazing book. Every time I read it I love it even more. And I love Peeta even more.

7. Catching Fire 20 million and 1/5
I love this book. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry.

8. Mockingjay 10 million/5
Least favorite of the three but still a great book.

9. Hold Still 5/5
I loved this book. Read it in one day. In like 12 hours. The characters are all real and very relatable. The situations are real. Great book

10. Dream Factory 5/5
Good book with a good story line. It was interesting to read about the behind the scenes Disney park stuff.

11. Brutal 4/5
Good book but some of Poe's arguments were repetitive and stupid. But I did enjoy most of the book

12. The Orange Houses 3/5
Not my favorite but quick read

13. Burn 2.5/5
Not good. It starts out ok but gets real stupid by the end.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Books read.... in March

1. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 4/5

2. Practical Magic 3.5/5
Alot different than the movie. I liked the movie better.

3. Lost Encyclopedia 5/5

4. Chloe Doe 4.5/5

5. A Room on Lorelei Street 3.5/5
A bit repetitive. Yeah we know you want to live on your own. Yeah we know it is hard. Yeah we know your family is full of assholes. Move on.

6. For Keeps 4.5/5

7. Jerk, California 4/5

8. I Am The Messenger 4.5/5

9. Claiming Georgia Tate 2.5/5
Way to much religious junk, and definitely not realistic in the characters reactions to certain events.

10. Incantation 5/5
Really good book. You are finding out about the character and her secret past along with her.

11. Flipped 4/5

12. Just Like That 4/5
Very good. I liked the writing and the characters, but I thought the "problem" was stupid. And I didn't like the way Hanna talked to people. She was a little bratty.

13. Breathless 5/5
I loved this one. I read it in about a day. The writing was good, and the characters were very believable. Good book.

14. After 4.5/5
Pretty good. Quick read. Lots of technical legal terms and such and definitely a new storyline, but still very good.

15. Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs 4/5 Not bad, quick read

15. Out of the Dust 5/5 Read this in middle school and loved it then. Still love it now. Very quick read.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Books read.... in February

City of Glass 3.5/5

Linger 4.5/5

The Graveyard Book 4/5

I am Number Four 4/5

The Trickster, essays and such 3/5

Delirium 4.5/5

If I Stay 4.5/5

Tudors 5/5

Didnt read as much this month.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just a little frustrated

yeah thats about it.

dont really feel like sharing why. just needed to write it out.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

books January

From Dead to Worse 3/5

Matched 5/5

Dead and Gone 3/5

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Lightning Thief 5/5

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Sea of Monsters 4/5

Percy Jackson and The Olympains, The Titan's Curse 4/5

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Battle of the Labyrinth 5/5

Dead in the Family 3/5

Shiver 4/5

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Last Olympian 4/5

The Heroes of Olympus, The Lost Hero 5/5

Before I Fall 5/5

City of Bones 5/5

City of Ashes 4/5

Before I Fall

I found this book on some random website and decided to try it out. I couldn't find it at the library in town so I had to put a hold on and it finally came in on Friday from Commerce Georgia.

From the start of the book I absolutely hated the main character. Seriously. She and her three friends sounded like spoiled brats with attitudes that didn't deserve the good things they constantly got.

Also from the first mention of Kent McFuller, I was in love. THat geeky boy sounded adorable and right up my alley. Over the course of the first day in the book, Sam describes a typical day for her, including humiliating as many people as possible. It all comes to a head when at a party Juliet, a girl Sam and her friends constantly torture, shows up at Kent's party. The resulting incident is pretty horrible. After Juliet leaves the party, Sam gets in a fight with Kent, a boy she has known since elementary school, but isnt really friends with anymore. Sam and her friends leave to party drunk and get in a wreck about 5 minutes later. And everything goes dark.

Sam wakes up the next day thinking it Saturday and the wreck wasnt so bad and she is just hungover. She quickly finds out that it is Friday again. Sam gets seven of these replay days and she is constantly fighting to get her life back and to change the course of events that ended her life.

Overall the book was amazing. I really felt for Sam by the end and wanted her and Kent to get together. But the ending just upsets me. I'm glad I read it, but wish it could end another way.