Friday, August 31, 2012

August Recap

1. Insurgent 4/5
To be completely honest, I could hardly remember what happened at the end of book 1. Like seriously who are all these people? I could only really remember Four and Tris. But after regaining my bearings, I was able to get into the book. Really really long book. Like seriously. And it made me question "why are they together?" They are seriously bad together. Never trusting, always lying or keeping something from the other. Anyway Tris was super annoying. But the ending was pretty good. Not sure that I understand it though. How can things have gotten so convulted in just two generations? It seems like the damage done would have taken longer than that.

2. Hush Hush 2/5
Pretty stupid book. Seriously. Why do books force the characters together, with no rhyme or reason? Like within 10 pages they are in love with each other. Seriously!!! And the action did not make sense. At all. Stupid!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Recap

1. This is Not a Test 4/5
Really loved the dynamics of this one and seeing how they worked together (or against each other at times) while in the school and out. Very interesting. The main character was a little too wishy washy for me at times, but overall I really enjoyed this one.

2. The Maze Runner 4/5
So many questions!! Ugh!! I loved the ending. Total surprise.

3. Nursery Rhyme Comics 5/5
Super cute drawings. Loved the Solomon Grundy one, just because of its association with Batman.

4. The Scorch Trials 4/5
Teresa is a ho bucket. The End.

5. Bad Island 2/5
Didn't really like this one. The story was kinda stupid, but the artwork was very nice.

6. The Death Cure 4/5
Overall this had a decent end to the series. While I was glad that they made it out and got away to a place where their immunity would not hurt them or anyone else, I was sad about Newt. And even Theresa a little bit. She really did get the raw end of the deal there.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Recap

1. Zombies vs. Unicorns 4/5

2. The Fault in Our Stars 5/5
Wow. Just wow! I mean wow. That sums up my feelings for this book. I haven't cried over a book like this since the Harry Potter series (combined). So glad I read this book.

3. Savages 5/5
Loved this. Something completely new and not like anything else I have read. So many references and acronyms. The action really picked up almost half way through the book, but I liked that you got to see what "normal" life for Ben, O, and Chon was like before it all went to hell. Lots of action and twists in the end. Not sure yet how I feel about the ending, and I don't think the movie will end the same way. Great read, loved it. One of the best books I have read this year.

4. Where The Truth Lies 3/5
Not my favorite by Warman at all. My biggest problem was the repetetive dialogue and actions. Everybody was constantly repeating themselves and details were brought up again and again. Like ok, I get it! She is naive, she is super skinny, blah blah blah. One part the seriously gross me out was the part with the contacts. Who lets people touch their eyes like that and move their contacts around? Gross. First of all, where have his hands been? Secondly, why would he want to touch her eyeballs? Thirdly, nobody is allowed to touch my eyes but me and a certified doctor. And lastly. I spent a shit-ton of money on the contacts, why is he touching him and fudging them up?

5. Countdown 3/5
If only I could rate this book on the amazing photos and song lyrics and such. Then I would have given it 5 stars, no doubt. But I can't. While the material in the book from the 60's was amazing, the story was only ok. Didn't really relate to the character or even really care by the end. So yeah.

6. Wonder  4/5
Let me just say that I hate when dogs die in books. That is all.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Recap

1. Every You, Every Me 4/5
Did not take long to read this, and it is definitely my farvorite by Levithan so far. I loved that the pictures were taken before the story was written, and that the book was written around the pictures. Levithan only received one picture at a time, never knowing what was coming next. Pretty amazing idea I think.

2. Fray 5/5
Yet again Joss Whedon is pretty much a God.

3. Leaving Paradise 4/5

4. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight 3/5
This book details Fuller and her family's life in Africa. It was pretty incredible the stuff they went through and put up with to live in a place they love. After losing 3 siblings, her mom goes a little bit crazy. The family loves around all the time. She grew up actually thinking her name was Bobo because that was all her family called her, until she went off to school at about 8 or so. Crazy! Good read, and I am about to read her mom's story next.

5. Batman Chronicles Vol. 1 4/5
I loved seeing the beginnings of the infamous Batman! But let me just say this is cheesy as hellfire. Seriously. The writing wasn't the greatest, but the artwork was pretty good. Loved that Robin, the boy wonder, appeared pretty early in the series. Favorite story was definitely the first appearance of the Joker, the most iconic of Batman's foes. Least favorite? The werewolves and vampires story. Seriously Batman, you are going to fight vampires. And with a silver bullet. Silver bullets kill werewolves, duh!

6. Batman: The Killing Joke 4/5
Let me just start off by saying "Wow". I loved the artwork, seriously that was the best part of this graphic novel. Love love love. And the cover and dust jacket are gorgeous! People argue that it would have had greater effect on Batman if the Joker had shot Barbra Gordon when she was dressed as Batgirl, but Batman was not the target, Commissioner Gordon was. To prove a point. Overall it is a good addition to the Batman legacy.

7. Fugitives 4/5
I am so worried about Alex!!! Great fourth book for the series. Alex's world is thrown upside down after breaking out of the Furnace. Crazy stuff in this one.

8. Chain Reaction 4/5
Not my favorite of the three but still a spicy read at times.

9. Return to Paradise 2/5
First one was a lot better. Conversations were unrealistic and stiff. Circumstances were forced. Just not good, way to wishy washy. Everyone's opinions changed every other page.

10. A Clash of Kings 5/5
God could Catelyn be any more boring. Seriously my least favorite narrator. Ugh. And why is Dany in the book the least. Battle scenes were a little long and tedious. But still a good addition. Can't wait to see what happens next to these guys. Still missing Ned though.

11. Deadlocked 3/5
The series is almost over (finally, thankfully!). So much happened and yet nothing at all. Random stuff happens, as usual. Their was a twist at the end that was a bit surprising. Glad it was over at the end though

12. The Serpent's Shadow 4/5
While this is not my favorite series from Riordan, I was still excited to finish the trilogy. And it definitely ended in a way that could lead to another series starting in the future, like Riordan did with the Percy series. No spoilers, but there was a happy ending... for now.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap

1. Spike After the Fall 5/5
Loved seeing this insight to Spike and Illyria/Fred. Good backstory for the Angel After the Fall series

2. The Walking Dead Volume 13 Too Far Gone 5/5
This volume was interesting because it dealt mainly with their everyday life in the new community. Zombies did not have a major factor in this book, but I am sure the next volume will make up that. Loved seeing Rick and Glenn conspiring together.

3. The Walking Dead Volume 14 No Way Out 5/5
Pretty great ending to this one. Good writing as normal, and Rick was still giving out speeches like he was passing out water to people in a desert. Speeches right and left. But still good volume. The plot took a great turn here.

4. A Grown Up Kind of Pretty 5/5
Oh my goodness I loved this one. I have read all of Mrs. Jackson's books and this is my absolute favorite. Mosey, Big, and Liza have some bad luck running through their family, coming every 15 years. Mosey was my favorite of the three, with Liza's narrative being my least favorite.
Mosey is a typical 15 year old who finds out some crazy stuff about her family and her past. Big, her grandmother, is the only rock in the family. Which isn't much cuz Big is pretty out there too. I was constantly rooting for Roger and Mosey to get together, and maybe they will. I would love to see a story focusing on Mosey when she is older, maybe at the next 15year mark!

5. Tomorrow is Today 4/5

6. Tempest 4/5
So I had pretty low hopes for this one, but it actually turned out to be pretty great. I loved the characters even when they were annoying. The time jumping thing was a little confusing at times, and could have been explained better. But I am sure that will happen in the 2 sequels.

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events #2 The Reptile Room 4/5
Good second addition to the series. Quick read. Very predictable, since the story pretty much tells you what is going to happen before it does. Ready to read the next one, got 11 to go.

8. Haunted 3/5
Finally finished this. His books always take me forever to finish. Like seriously! Anyway, this was an incredibly interesting book. Not at all what I expected from the description. I have got to say that Saint Gut Free's story (the first in the book) was disgusting. Really really gross. It kind of set the tone for the book. Lots of inventive ways to die, lots of crimes, lots of stuff going on.

9. Where We Stand: Class Matters 3/5
Had to read this for my masters class. Not bad, but really intense and not an easy read. Took forever to get through.

10. Lies Beneath 3/5
Better than I thought, not as good as I hoped. I loved that Lily was apprehensive of Calder. He was a bit stalkery. But by the end she was willing to give up everything? Seriously, you've known him a month, give me a break. I will probably read the sequels though just to see what happens next.

11. Death Sentence (Escape from Furnace #3) 4/5
Loved this one! It was great to finally see and understand how they make the blacksuits and such! Alex was faced with struggles in this one and it was an interesting perspective. The ending was great, it left a huge threat in the air while letting Alex, SImon, and Zee have a bit of freedom. I hope the next one picks up a little in thr future or lets them have some time to enjoy their freedom a bit.

12. Leaving Paradise 4/5
Good book, very quick read. Bit predictable with the twist at the end, but still excited about the sequal. The characters really hooked you in and you felt bad for them.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Recap

1. The Walking Dead Volume 8: Made to Suffer 4/5
Good googly! This was an insane volume. Like seriously. Love!!

2. The Walking Dead Book Five 5/5
Lots of action in this one. Seriously good addition to the series. Good thing is that the ending wasn't to much of a cliffhanger so I am ok to wait for the next book to come in from the library.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 7 4/5
Good story addition. Loved that Pike came back. If only he had been in the show!

4. Why Buffy Matters: The Art of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3/5
I liked a few of these essays more than others. But still a good read. Pointed out some things I had not noticed before.

5. Rage 3/5
Did not enjoy this as much as Rage. Found myself skipping around and not really reading it as much. Anyway, I will still read the next 2 books.

6. The Hunger Games 5/5
Read it again to prepare for the movie. Still loved it.

7. The Walking Dead Book 6 4/5
Loved this edition. Got to see two totally different types of groups of people encounter Rick and the gang. Can't wait to see the next volume!

8. Catching Fire 5/5
Cant read the first one without reading the second one too

9. Mockingjay 5/5
Well then you have to finish the series. Duh

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Recap...

1. The Power of Six 4/5
I really enjoyed this one more than the first book in the series. In the second installment John, Six, and Sam are pretty much just running for their lifes around the States. Lots of drama and close calls.
We also meet a new number, Seven. She is living in Spain with her Cepan (guardian person). Her perspective was really interesting and I loved figuring things out with her along the way.
Like the first book, all the action is at the end of the book. Lots of action and drama. People lying, escaping, suicide missions, guns, fire... you name it, it probably happened.
At the end only Five and Eight have not been found. Excited for the next one!

2. Lola and the Boy Next Door 5/5
Ok so I loved the first book by Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss, and this one was amazing too. I mean I obviously knew how it was going to end, but still so good. Lola was pretty cool. I loved the idea of someone walking around in a different "costume" each day, with wigs and everything. Cricket was friggin adorable! The notes on his hands and his crazy style of clothes. Max was a jerk, duh! Trust me I would know a jerk when I see them since I have dated plenty of them.
The story followed Lola pretty much fighting against herself and her feelings. She had to grow up and learn to be herself.
Loved the continuity between Perkins first book and this one. I enjoyed reading about Anna and St. Clair again.

3. The Walking Dead Volume 7 The Calm Before 4/5
This one picked up right where the other left off. Everything is pretty calm (hence the title). Lori starts to tell Rick about her and Shane but Rick shuts her down. Not a very typical response but ok. Anyway as expected Lori has her baby, they give it a stupid name, and everything is still ok.
My one problem with this volume (like most of the volumes or books before this) is the conversation. It doesn't seem realistic. Maybe I just don't know people who would talk like this. It is enough to bother me throughout the entire series.
The next volume, if I ever can get it in from the library, will be very interesting. Waiting impatiently to see.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1 4/5
This starts by telling a little backstory on Spike and Drusilla. Which was interesting.
The main part of the book was about Buffy and what she went through before coming to Sunnydale. Good history for Buffy and something that would have been great on the show.
One major complaint is the artwork was hard to follow at times. Some characters looked very similar and were hard to tell apart.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 2 4/5
I personally liked volume 1 more than this volume, but it was still a good addition to the Buffy-verse.
This volume focused on stories that would be happening before the first season, all the way through the third season. I loved that James Marsters wrote one of the comics in this volume, and that he wrote about Dru and Spike.
My one main issue is that this volume spans a large amount of time and it was hard to keep up at times.
Overall I liked it, and I am ready for volume 3.

6. Tortured (Birthmarked Series 1.5) 5/5
This was a really quick read for me. I have not read Prized yet and it has been a while since I read Birthmarked, so this was a good way for me to get back into the story before I start the second book.
This book picks up with Leo after he has been tortured for 4 days. He is tended to by his stepmother and given supplies to help him make it to Gaia. Should be interesting to read Prized and see he can catch up with her and her sister.

7/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 3 4/5
This edition of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus takes place during the 3rd season (again). This installment was not my favorite of the three I have read so far, but I gave it the same grade because it is part of the Buffy universe and I didnt hate it so...
My main problem with this one was the artwork. It was very inconsistent within the stories even. The characters didn't even look like themselves. And I know art isnt perfect but come on.

8. 501 Must-See Movies 5/5
While I did not read every movie description, I did learn a lot. I made a nice list of movies that I want to see now, thanks to this book. Excited to start watching.
While I did think some movies were missing from the list (most notably Fight Club), there were a lot of great movies listed.

9. Georgia Bottoms 5/5
Ok I loved this book. I was zipping through it, I liked it so much. Was going to finish it in one day, I liked it so much. But I came across 2 pages ripped out of the book! Damn you Nola Brantley Library!
Obviously I did not want to finish reading a book with missing pages. I had to find another copy at another library. And finally I did. And I loved the ending!
Georgia was crazy. Like seriously. Way too many pins in the air to be juggling. That many men? Crazy!
Loved this one more than Childress' first book One Mississippi.

10. The Game of Thrones 5/5

11. Hana (Delirium 1.5) 4/5
Did not enjoy Hana's perspective as much as I thought I would. Oh well. Ready for the sequel to be here.

12. The Sunnydale High School Yearbook 4/5
I really loved the look of this book. I loved the signatures in the front and back covers, like in a real yearbook. The notes throughout and the pictures added were nice too.
My one main issue, which made me take away a star, is that some of the articles in the book had nothing to really do with series it seems.
Overall great and quick read. Might need to own this, just because it belongs in the Buffyverse.

13. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 4 3.5/5
As with all the other volumes, my main complaint is the artwork. It was actually difficult to see which characters were who. I understand that it can't be perfect, but come on.
Anyway I liked the storylines. Though I did feel like the first story was a little long.
Good overall.

14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 6 4/5
Good stories. Some things I missed since I havent been able to read Volume 5. But still good. Artwork still gets an "f".