Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before I Fall

I found this book on some random website and decided to try it out. I couldn't find it at the library in town so I had to put a hold on and it finally came in on Friday from Commerce Georgia.

From the start of the book I absolutely hated the main character. Seriously. She and her three friends sounded like spoiled brats with attitudes that didn't deserve the good things they constantly got.

Also from the first mention of Kent McFuller, I was in love. THat geeky boy sounded adorable and right up my alley. Over the course of the first day in the book, Sam describes a typical day for her, including humiliating as many people as possible. It all comes to a head when at a party Juliet, a girl Sam and her friends constantly torture, shows up at Kent's party. The resulting incident is pretty horrible. After Juliet leaves the party, Sam gets in a fight with Kent, a boy she has known since elementary school, but isnt really friends with anymore. Sam and her friends leave to party drunk and get in a wreck about 5 minutes later. And everything goes dark.

Sam wakes up the next day thinking it Saturday and the wreck wasnt so bad and she is just hungover. She quickly finds out that it is Friday again. Sam gets seven of these replay days and she is constantly fighting to get her life back and to change the course of events that ended her life.

Overall the book was amazing. I really felt for Sam by the end and wanted her and Kent to get together. But the ending just upsets me. I'm glad I read it, but wish it could end another way.

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