Tuesday, May 31, 2011

books read.... in May!

1. Forest of Hands and Teeth 4/5
I really liked this book. Its a zombie story!! How cool. But it was a bit repetitive with the whole "ocean" thing. And I didnt really get why Mary was in love with Travis. But still pretty good.

2. Bonechiller 4/5
Good story. Moves quickly. Had a few questions at the end that were never answered.

3. Twitterature 3.5/5
Good stuff. Alot of books I havent read so I skipped those. But I loved the ones for books I had read.

4. Something Borrowed 3.5/5
Read because the movie came out and I also try to read the book first. It was pretty good, considering my low expectations. I can relate to the Rachel/Darcy dynamic. Little long but with a happy ending.

5. Thirteen Reasons Why 4/5
Quick read and good plotline. Got a little tedious at times with the two narrators. But still pretty good.

6. The Red Pyramid 4/5
Good, but way to long. Not as familiar with the Egyptian myths as I am the greek and roman ones, but still good. Liked the Percy Jackson series better, but will keep reading the series

7. Dead Reckoning 3/5
Not as bad as some of the others, but still stupid. Way to many storylines at one time.

8. Backseat Saints 4/5
I did not like the ending but then again, I'm not the author. Good read though.

9. The City of Fallen Angels 3/5
Didnt really like this one. The ending was incredibly stupid too. I'm assuming there will be another one in the near future

10. The Summer I Turned Pretty 4.5/5
Good book, very quick read. Didn't like who she ended up with though, and I wish there had been more information in the end about the other people in the story like Susannah and Jeremiah.

11. The Dead-Tossed Waves 4.5/5
So ready for the next one. I may have liked the first one better but this one was great too. I'm still a little confused about why she cares so much for Elias, kind of like how Mary cared for Travis in the first one. But oh well. Need the third one now.

12. What Happened to Goodbye 3.5/5
Good book, but not my favorite by Dessen. That being said, I still like it and would probably read it again, and my opinion might change then. Not enough of a relationship with Dave and Mclean. I really wanted them to build a definitive relationship.

13. Where She Went 3.5/5
I loved the first book, and I liked this book. The ending was a bit predictable. And some the middle was a bit to whiny for my taste. But still good and would reccommend reading both.

14. The Truth About Forever 5/5
My favorite Dessen book. I absolutely love Macy and Wes. They are a fun relationship, that grows as they slowly learn about each other. Love Love Love

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