Thursday, June 30, 2011

Books read... in June

1. Between Shades of Grey 5/5
Really really amazing story about a different side of WW2 that isnt seen very much. Very different concentration camp, and a whole new type of cruelty. Great read.

2. Jane (by April Lindner) 2/5
Worst book ever. Seriously not good. Horrible dialogue and horrible characters. No growth for any of the characters and none of the situations made any sense. Really horrible

3. Bruiser 5/5
Loved it. Great characters and a really great plotline. Brewster's "gift" was definitely not expected and I really felt bad for him. People kept using him whether they knew it or not.

4. It's Not Summer Without You 4/5
Good sequel. Now I just need the third one, which I already know I'm not going to like as much.

5.Bumped 3/5
Not the best. Good twist but weird plotline

6. Abandon 4/5
Great book, but one major problem. Why do the main characters love each other? Seriously.

7. Story of Beautiful Girl 4/5
Long book that took me a while to read, but worth the time. Different plotline and love the different perspectives.

8. Unwind 5/5
Great book. Reminded me of Hunger games a bit. Very confusing at first since some terminology wasnt explained immediately.

9. Throne of Fire 4/5
Part 2 of the Kane Chronicles by the Percy Jackson guy. Good second book, but so long. seriously.

10. Room 4/5

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