Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Books read... in November

1. Angel After the Fall Volume 3 4/5
Lots of battles. Lots of talking and strategies. Lots of changing the plans at the last minute. Lots of unclear stuff. But beautiful artwork. And the Illryia and Spike thing was awesome too. I think the relationship between Spike and Illryia/Fred is really underrated and not used enough. It always seem to focus on Wesley and Fred, but Spike was important to her too and their memories together were used to save everyone in this volume.

2. Angel After the Fall Volume 4 4/5
I loved the ending to this! It was a good ending for this season. Everything is "back to normal" except that everyone remembers what it was like in the Hell dimension of LA. Would be really interesting to see what happens if there is another season. By the way.... I love Spike.

3. Divergent 5/5
Got to say, I loved this one. Good writing and twists. People turned out to be different than I thought (Tris' parents, Caleb, Al, Four), while some were pretty much what they seemed (Peter, Eric, Jeanine).
Tris started out pretty annoying but after she choose her faction, I feel like she changed and her behavior became more normal. But Four! Oh my goodness Four was amazing. I can just picture him in my mind. And yes the whole sex talk between Four and Tris was weird and not at all realistic but still. Four was so charming, and confusing, and just oozing sexy.
Excited for the next one, and I cannot wait to see what will happen to Tris, and Four, and all the others left.

4. The Lying Games 3/5
My one main concern about this book is the switching povs. I feel like Sutton and Emma's switching every few paragraphs was confusing. Unlike the show (which I started before I read the book), Sutton is dead at the beginning of the story. Emma is "tricked" into taking over Sutton's life while trying to find out how Sutton was killed and by whom.
Ethan wasnt as good in the book as he is in the show (LOVE him in the show). Emma is about the same but Sutton is definitely different. The Lying Games is explained a lot more than in the show. It is basically some pretty serious "pranks" where they almost kill each other and try to scare each other to death. Fake guns, strangling. Weird stuff.
Pretty good start, ready for book 2.

5. Cinder 4/5
I received an ARC copy of this from netgalley and I could not wait to start it. I have read a lot of hype about it and I have to say it was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed the story and how it was similar to the Cinderella but unique as well. My main complaint is the lack of information about the world it is set in. We don't know much about the world or the state it is in or how it got that way. So more background info would be nice, but maybe that is going to be in the next book.

6. The Walking Dead Book 1 5/5
Loved it! The artwork leaves a little to be desired since all the characters look the same but other than that it was pretty good. So different from the show! Different characters, and some characters who don't even make it through the book that are still on the show. I love how the book and show are different because that way you can not guess what is going to happen next. They are each their own stories.

7. The Mindset Lists of American History 2/5
Not my favorite. Not what I thought it was going to be actually. The list were good, but the chapters following the lists were very dry and boring. Could hardly make it through the book.

8. Sisters Red 4/5
Pretty interesting retelling of the story of little red riding hood. Scarlett and Rosie were both kind of annoying characters at times. Very indecisive and a wee bit whiny too. Silas wasnt the best guy character in the story. It seems he just moved from one sister to another because he could. And why did Rosie like him, why did he like her? The "Suprise" was a little predictable, and I had it figured out early on, but still. Not very suprising ending, but not a horrible read either. Looking forward to the next in this fairy tale retelling series.

9. Summer in the City 4/5
The second story of teenage Carrie Bradshaw. This time she is in New York for the first time. A good addition to the story and I loved that there was an introduction to two of the main four. The conversations between some of the characters were really horrible at times, and Carrie is about as clueless as she can be. She must learn a lot and grow a lot in the next few years if she is going to become the Carrie from the show. I think the characters names are a little crazy too. I mean Capote? Really. Even people in the south aren't that mean. Overall a good addition to the series and I am excited about what is going to happen in next book after that ending.

10. Daughter of Smoke and Bone 5/5
So I pretty much loved this! I even grew to like Karou's name by the end. Karou is a pretty great character, she is strong, stubborn, funny, and incredibly smart. Yeah she was dumb about Kaz but still. My only problem was with the last 100 pages or so. No mention of the people around her like her friends and Kaz. She just forgot about them and left. I am sure we will see them in the next 2 books at some point.
I was confused about Karou and Akiva's relationship at first, kind of a why are they together and why do they love each other. But it is explained by the end.
I am worried about Brimstone and the crew.
Excited for the next book!

11. Hallowed 5/5
I really liked this one. I received the ARC copy from netgalley and I was so excited. But now I just have to wait longer to get the 3rd one. But anyway..
So Clara "failed" her purpose and now we are going to find out what happens. Or do we? Yeah we kinda do and kinda don't.
Tucker is still amazing.
Christian is still mysterious.
Read this when it comes out!

12. Perfect Chemistry 4/5
Ok so I was pretty sure I was going to hate this after the first few pages but I decided to keep going before judging it. The girl's name is Brittany, ok? Like how lame. Can that be more stereotypical. Yes her name is Brittany, she is the perfect girl, the diva, and the most popular girl in the school. Gag me with a spoon.
But Alex was also the stereotypical bad boy, in a gang, with tattoos and a motorcycle. So I was pleasantly suprised that about 100 pages in I started to like it. I liked that Brittany had a sister with a disability and that is what affected her home life so much. And that Alex was in a gang to protect his family. So this book did have some good suprises. I did not enjoy the epilogue so much. Because I know in the 3rd book they get married, so I would have rather seen an epilogue dealing with all 3 Fuentes brothers and their futures.

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