Saturday, December 31, 2011

reading challenges

I am gonna do the support your local library challenge. Basically I am gonna check out and read 40 books in the next year.

1. Before I Fall
2. Shiver
3. City of Bones
4. City of Ashes
5. City of Glass
6. Linger
7. The Graveyard Book
8. The Trickster, Harold Bloom
9. I am Number Four
10. Tudors
11. If I Stay
12. Dead in the Family
13. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
14. Practical Magic
15. Lost Encylcopedia
16. Chloe Doe
17. A Room on Lorelie Street
18. For Keeps
19. Jerk, California
20. Flipped
21. Just Like That
22. I am the Messenger
23. Claiming Georgia Tate
24. Breathless
25. After
26. Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs
27. Out of the Dust
28. One Mississippi
29. Ophelia
30. 50 Books That Changed the World
31. Impossible
32. Hold Still
33. Dream Factory
34. Brutal
35. The Orange Houses
36. Burn
37. The Forest of Hands and Teeth
38. Bonechiller
39. Something Borrowed
40. Thirteen Reasons Why

Reached my goal by May 15th!!

41. The Red Pyramid
42. Dead Reckoning
43. Backseat Saints
44. The City of Fallen Angels
45. The Summer I Turned Pretty
46. The Dead-Tossed Waves
47. Where She Went
48. Between Shades of Grey
49. Bruiser
50. Its Not Summer Without You
51. Bumped
52. Abandon
53. Jane
54. Story of Beautiful Girl
55. Unwind
56. The Throne of Fire
57. The Knife of Never Letting Go
58. The Ask and the Answer
59. The Carrie Diaries
60. Looking for Alaska
61. Scott Pilgrim 4
62. Scott Pilgrim 6
63. Will Grayson Will Grayson
64. Goodnight Tweetheart
65. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
66. Bossypants
67. Forever
68. Anna and the French Kiss
69. The lover's Dictionary (how fitting that it is #69)
70. Nick and Norah's Playlist
71. Across the Universe
72. Beauty Queens
73. Elsewhere
74. The Day Before
75. Birthmarked
76. Luxe
77. Birthmarked
78. Lockdown
79. The Second Summer of the Traveling Pants
80. Life as We Knew It
81. Unearthly
82. Solitary
83. The Film Book: A Complete Guide to the World of Cinema
84. Angel After the Fall Volume 1
85. Angel After the Fall Volume 2
86. Angel After the Fall Volume 3
87. Angel After the Fall Volume 4
88. Divergent
89. The Lying Games
90. The Walking Dead Book 1
91. The Mindset Lists of American History
92. Sisters Red
93. Summer in the City
94. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
95. Perfect Chemistry
96. Rules of Attraction
97. Split
98. Girls in Pants, The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
99. The Walking Dead, Book Two
100. The Walking Dead, Book Three
101. Forever in Blue, The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood

Books read... in December

1. Crash Into Me 3/5
Didn't feel any connection with the book and found it really predictable.

2. Crossed 5/5
Definitely a great addition to the series. I loved how Ky and Cassia are each on a journey together, but are going in opposite directions. I wish there had been more about Xander. I feel like Cassia is leaning more towards Xander at the moment, which is something that I like (not a Ky fan). Ready for the next one!

3. Split 5/5
Loved this. It started a bit slow, but really really picked up. Jace was an amazingly interesting character. His brother was a little annoying. Great storyline, and a pretty good ending.

4. Girls in Pants, The Third Summer of the Sisterhood 4/5
Great addition to the series. I did have a problem with the fact that the characters haven't really changed much from the second book. I felt that the action was very slow until the end, and everything was a bit predictable. But sometimes predictability is nice. Can't wait to read the last 2!

5. The Walking Dead Book Two 4/5
Great addition to the series. I loved the drama in this one and the way the characters are evolving and changing (or in some cases devolving). The crazy action was pretty intense. I felt like some one died every few pages and they probably did. The writing was good, but sometimes the characters get a bit "speechy" where they are making these huge statements that last forever and doesn't sound like natural conversation. I also had a bit of a problem with the artwork. I feel like it is getting harder to separate some of the characters. Most of the male characters looked very alike. Of course now there are so few left that it is getting a bit easier. And everybody killing themselves? Seriously. They find a pretty decent place to live and people want to kill themselves? Over somebody cheating or just because? Really?! Very strange behavior.
Book three should definitely be interesting and (SPOILER) I think by now we all know that Lori's baby is definitely Shane's. I mean come on!

6. The Walking Dead Book Three 5/5
Great collection again! This story takes a weird turn this time. A few people find another colony set up but find that it is not what they hoped it would be. Lots of crazy crazy shiz goes down. This book was definitely more graphic than the ones before it. Lots of more mature plot lines. I think the showdown between Michonne and the Gov went a bit too far and I was actually really grossed out. Glad to see some action about to happen at the end. We can expect a showdown coming soon, with plenty of death and such. Ready for Lori to have Shane's baby, cause hasn't she been pregnant long enough? And very excited about Glenn and Maggie.
Book four? Please come in soon!

7. Forever in Blue, The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood 4/5
Ok so this one was better than the third one to me. All the characters went through such a transformation. Carmen lost herself, Lena grew up, Tibby pulled back into herself, and Bee finally learned her lesson. In the end, the loss of something very important to them brought them back together. Very good book and I am hoping the last one is just as good.