Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap

1. Spike After the Fall 5/5
Loved seeing this insight to Spike and Illyria/Fred. Good backstory for the Angel After the Fall series

2. The Walking Dead Volume 13 Too Far Gone 5/5
This volume was interesting because it dealt mainly with their everyday life in the new community. Zombies did not have a major factor in this book, but I am sure the next volume will make up that. Loved seeing Rick and Glenn conspiring together.

3. The Walking Dead Volume 14 No Way Out 5/5
Pretty great ending to this one. Good writing as normal, and Rick was still giving out speeches like he was passing out water to people in a desert. Speeches right and left. But still good volume. The plot took a great turn here.

4. A Grown Up Kind of Pretty 5/5
Oh my goodness I loved this one. I have read all of Mrs. Jackson's books and this is my absolute favorite. Mosey, Big, and Liza have some bad luck running through their family, coming every 15 years. Mosey was my favorite of the three, with Liza's narrative being my least favorite.
Mosey is a typical 15 year old who finds out some crazy stuff about her family and her past. Big, her grandmother, is the only rock in the family. Which isn't much cuz Big is pretty out there too. I was constantly rooting for Roger and Mosey to get together, and maybe they will. I would love to see a story focusing on Mosey when she is older, maybe at the next 15year mark!

5. Tomorrow is Today 4/5

6. Tempest 4/5
So I had pretty low hopes for this one, but it actually turned out to be pretty great. I loved the characters even when they were annoying. The time jumping thing was a little confusing at times, and could have been explained better. But I am sure that will happen in the 2 sequels.

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events #2 The Reptile Room 4/5
Good second addition to the series. Quick read. Very predictable, since the story pretty much tells you what is going to happen before it does. Ready to read the next one, got 11 to go.

8. Haunted 3/5
Finally finished this. His books always take me forever to finish. Like seriously! Anyway, this was an incredibly interesting book. Not at all what I expected from the description. I have got to say that Saint Gut Free's story (the first in the book) was disgusting. Really really gross. It kind of set the tone for the book. Lots of inventive ways to die, lots of crimes, lots of stuff going on.

9. Where We Stand: Class Matters 3/5
Had to read this for my masters class. Not bad, but really intense and not an easy read. Took forever to get through.

10. Lies Beneath 3/5
Better than I thought, not as good as I hoped. I loved that Lily was apprehensive of Calder. He was a bit stalkery. But by the end she was willing to give up everything? Seriously, you've known him a month, give me a break. I will probably read the sequels though just to see what happens next.

11. Death Sentence (Escape from Furnace #3) 4/5
Loved this one! It was great to finally see and understand how they make the blacksuits and such! Alex was faced with struggles in this one and it was an interesting perspective. The ending was great, it left a huge threat in the air while letting Alex, SImon, and Zee have a bit of freedom. I hope the next one picks up a little in thr future or lets them have some time to enjoy their freedom a bit.

12. Leaving Paradise 4/5
Good book, very quick read. Bit predictable with the twist at the end, but still excited about the sequal. The characters really hooked you in and you felt bad for them.

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