Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Recap

1. Zombies vs. Unicorns 4/5

2. The Fault in Our Stars 5/5
Wow. Just wow! I mean wow. That sums up my feelings for this book. I haven't cried over a book like this since the Harry Potter series (combined). So glad I read this book.

3. Savages 5/5
Loved this. Something completely new and not like anything else I have read. So many references and acronyms. The action really picked up almost half way through the book, but I liked that you got to see what "normal" life for Ben, O, and Chon was like before it all went to hell. Lots of action and twists in the end. Not sure yet how I feel about the ending, and I don't think the movie will end the same way. Great read, loved it. One of the best books I have read this year.

4. Where The Truth Lies 3/5
Not my favorite by Warman at all. My biggest problem was the repetetive dialogue and actions. Everybody was constantly repeating themselves and details were brought up again and again. Like ok, I get it! She is naive, she is super skinny, blah blah blah. One part the seriously gross me out was the part with the contacts. Who lets people touch their eyes like that and move their contacts around? Gross. First of all, where have his hands been? Secondly, why would he want to touch her eyeballs? Thirdly, nobody is allowed to touch my eyes but me and a certified doctor. And lastly. I spent a shit-ton of money on the contacts, why is he touching him and fudging them up?

5. Countdown 3/5
If only I could rate this book on the amazing photos and song lyrics and such. Then I would have given it 5 stars, no doubt. But I can't. While the material in the book from the 60's was amazing, the story was only ok. Didn't really relate to the character or even really care by the end. So yeah.

6. Wonder  4/5
Let me just say that I hate when dogs die in books. That is all.

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