Friday, August 31, 2012

August Recap

1. Insurgent 4/5
To be completely honest, I could hardly remember what happened at the end of book 1. Like seriously who are all these people? I could only really remember Four and Tris. But after regaining my bearings, I was able to get into the book. Really really long book. Like seriously. And it made me question "why are they together?" They are seriously bad together. Never trusting, always lying or keeping something from the other. Anyway Tris was super annoying. But the ending was pretty good. Not sure that I understand it though. How can things have gotten so convulted in just two generations? It seems like the damage done would have taken longer than that.

2. Hush Hush 2/5
Pretty stupid book. Seriously. Why do books force the characters together, with no rhyme or reason? Like within 10 pages they are in love with each other. Seriously!!! And the action did not make sense. At all. Stupid!

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