Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Recap

1. Every You, Every Me 4/5
Did not take long to read this, and it is definitely my farvorite by Levithan so far. I loved that the pictures were taken before the story was written, and that the book was written around the pictures. Levithan only received one picture at a time, never knowing what was coming next. Pretty amazing idea I think.

2. Fray 5/5
Yet again Joss Whedon is pretty much a God.

3. Leaving Paradise 4/5

4. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight 3/5
This book details Fuller and her family's life in Africa. It was pretty incredible the stuff they went through and put up with to live in a place they love. After losing 3 siblings, her mom goes a little bit crazy. The family loves around all the time. She grew up actually thinking her name was Bobo because that was all her family called her, until she went off to school at about 8 or so. Crazy! Good read, and I am about to read her mom's story next.

5. Batman Chronicles Vol. 1 4/5
I loved seeing the beginnings of the infamous Batman! But let me just say this is cheesy as hellfire. Seriously. The writing wasn't the greatest, but the artwork was pretty good. Loved that Robin, the boy wonder, appeared pretty early in the series. Favorite story was definitely the first appearance of the Joker, the most iconic of Batman's foes. Least favorite? The werewolves and vampires story. Seriously Batman, you are going to fight vampires. And with a silver bullet. Silver bullets kill werewolves, duh!

6. Batman: The Killing Joke 4/5
Let me just start off by saying "Wow". I loved the artwork, seriously that was the best part of this graphic novel. Love love love. And the cover and dust jacket are gorgeous! People argue that it would have had greater effect on Batman if the Joker had shot Barbra Gordon when she was dressed as Batgirl, but Batman was not the target, Commissioner Gordon was. To prove a point. Overall it is a good addition to the Batman legacy.

7. Fugitives 4/5
I am so worried about Alex!!! Great fourth book for the series. Alex's world is thrown upside down after breaking out of the Furnace. Crazy stuff in this one.

8. Chain Reaction 4/5
Not my favorite of the three but still a spicy read at times.

9. Return to Paradise 2/5
First one was a lot better. Conversations were unrealistic and stiff. Circumstances were forced. Just not good, way to wishy washy. Everyone's opinions changed every other page.

10. A Clash of Kings 5/5
God could Catelyn be any more boring. Seriously my least favorite narrator. Ugh. And why is Dany in the book the least. Battle scenes were a little long and tedious. But still a good addition. Can't wait to see what happens next to these guys. Still missing Ned though.

11. Deadlocked 3/5
The series is almost over (finally, thankfully!). So much happened and yet nothing at all. Random stuff happens, as usual. Their was a twist at the end that was a bit surprising. Glad it was over at the end though

12. The Serpent's Shadow 4/5
While this is not my favorite series from Riordan, I was still excited to finish the trilogy. And it definitely ended in a way that could lead to another series starting in the future, like Riordan did with the Percy series. No spoilers, but there was a happy ending... for now.

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