Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Review!

Crazy busy weekend!

Friday was the football game against Northside from Columbus. It was "playing for a cure night" so everybody was supposed to wear some pink. Sarah texted me about wearing our bunny ears, since they are pink and it was halloween-ish.

So of course Northside won. We also got to meet a dude in a gorilla suit. Who knows why?

After the game we head to my house and ride together to the police department haunted house. We got there, jumped on a hay ride, and paid. Then the waiting began.

We waited in line to get in the haunted place for about 45 minutes, while random people in costumes walked around. We went into the "house" with the couple in front of us. The guy got seperated from the girl and she and I ended up in the front of the line. Which wasnt so bad.The girl and I end up gripping each other, which is funny since I dont even know this woman's name.

Lots of shiz popping out at us and stuff. I have to say that Michael Meyers does not scare me. He is a man in a William Shatner mask who walks around real slow. But after leaving the house, you enter this makeshift maze made with black plastic and 2 by 4's. At the end of the maze Michael Meyers is just standing there in the middle of the exit doorway. Next thing you know, the strob light turns on and we have to walk towards him. About 5 feet away from him, he moves toward us and is suddenly in our face. And he will not fugging move. So we had to move around him. That had to be the scariest part for me, with him just standing there watching us.

Overall good night that ended with us watching The Strangers back at my house.

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