Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday Recap!

This past saturday was crazy busy! I went straight to hobby lobby to meet sarah and dana after I woke up. Dana bought her crazy pumpkin power saw and we were off to find some pumpkins.

We each ended up buying two pumpkins. I found a delightfully grotesque one and a rather normal one. We went back to their place and immediately set up our pumpkin carving area. Lots of pumpkin guts and music and laughs.
Typical pumpkin carving shenanigans. Except this year my odd pumpkin had a sprout in it. Like it was growing another pumpkin inside it. And I basically gave it an unwanted abortion. I felt semi bad about this but oh well. My large, incredibly wonky pumpkin turned into a funky wonky face with different size eyes and a crooky triangle nose with a lightening bolt on the backside. The regular pumpkin was turned into a pirate with an XO on the back. Pretty much a success.

After the carving was done I went home and showered all the nastyness off me after eating some delicious zaxby's. I got ready for our haunted corn maze adventure.

Went back to Sarah's after a couple hours away and waited for everybody else to arrive so we could leave. Once our entourage arrived we headed to Forsyth. 45 minutes later we are entering the parking lot to the corn maze and buying our tickets. We got there around 8:30 ish and our maze time wasnt until 9:40 so we just waited around til we were called. Basically all of us speculating what hellish ghouls were going to be in the maze waiting for us. I just knew I was gonna piss myself so I literally went to the bathroom like four times before our turn.

We ended up not going at 9:40 cuz their tractor broke down, but finally went in around 10ish. I immediately clung to heather who was clinging to patrick who was clinging to nobody since he is apparently a maze genius. We jumped on the tractor and rode across the street to meet our doom. There were the typical spookies on the tractor ride, people jumping out of the corn, things dropping on us, so on and so forth.

The first part of the maze included a tour guide. Ours of course was wearing a creepy mask but they were incrediby nice. They led us through the easy part of the maze, stopping to watch scary moments like a dude being elotrocuted and somebody popping out of a coffin. Pretty simple stuff. They then dropped us off at the incredibly difficult part of the maze. This we had to do alone of course but atleast we could use the flashlights this time.

So less than a minute in, Patrick splits our group of 7 off from the main group of 12 and leads in a different direction. And one turn after this fateful decision is made we run into a creepy Jason/Freddy hybrid carrying a girl over his shoulder. Heather immediatly pulls me and we run the opposite direction which is never a good idea in scary things. Sarah and Dana followed us on this running away attempt. Of course the guy chased us. When we finally got away we found Patrick and Jeff and started on our way again. Patrick informs us that corn maze etiquette is to let the creepy man carrying the girl over his shoulder through, so just move to the side rather than run. Of course, how impolite of us!! Next we run into a crazy man with a chainsaw and just moved aside and let him by.

There were a few times when we ran for no reason of course. Specifically when I thought Dana was pushing me to go but instead she was pulling on me to get up since she had tripped over... you guessed it, corn. Sadly I was unaware of this situation and Dana was dragged off by the hybrid guy and never heard from again....... Hahah. Kidding.

After having the begeezus scared out of us and making it out of the corn maze intact and alive, we all drove back to byron and stopped for some denny's. Throughout the entire ride back, I found the corn maze experience hysterical for some reason. Being scared makes me do silly things.

Overall it was a great night with my best friend. The end. :)

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  1. good times indeed.. im sorry im so freakin busy.. i miss you best friend =(