Monday, May 25, 2009

Learned my lesson

i definitely learned what not to do saturday night. and so did h. she and i both felt horrible saturday and sunday.

love list pt2.
  1. tom collins
  2. white gold
  3. Casey Max
  4. sims
  5. CSI: Miami

very random list tonight. i definitely love tom collins in moderation. and when p's dad makes it for me. i dislike gold because t doesnt go well with my skin tone so white gold works better. Casey Max is my wonderful puppy. I love him to death and he will appear on love lists again i am sure. the sims is an awesome video game that i play way to often. i cant wait for sims3 to come out. and lastly is CSI: Miami. Horatio is hilarious!

thats all for now....

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