Tuesday, May 26, 2009

baseball heals my soul

love list pt3
  1. Tim Lincecum
  2. Brian McCann
  3. Matt Diaz
  4. Chipper Jones
  5. Mike Gonzo

First off Tim Lincecum. The only non-brave on this list. He is just a beast! I love this guy, he has great pitching stuff and a ridiculously good change up that stumps the braves every time. Also he is a Cy Young award winner, how can you not love that. Next is the love of my life. I love Brian McCann more than anybody on this list. He is an amazing catcher and one of the best hitters on the Braves team. Whenever he is out, the team suffers. Hoping he makes it to the All-Star game this year.
Matt Diaz is also an awesome hitter and fielder on the Braves team. Wish they would play him more. He is a great outfielder and probably would have had a great '08 season if he hadn't messed up his knee.
Now Chipper is not always my favorite person but he does often live up to his reputation. He is a great hitter and fielder along with Brian and Matt. He has also been with the Braves for quite awhile and definitely deserves the leadership role for the team. He has an amazing memory for pitchers and pitches and definitely knows how to prepare for games and help his teammates warm up as well.
Ok and last is Gonzo. This man is also a beast. He is the best closer that the Braves have and he has some crazy stuff. I love his little rocking back and forth before a pitch. So glad he is back from the D.L.

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